Friday, May 5, 2017


In lot of people minds hope can mean a lot of things or can be used in many different ways. To me hope means a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. For me hope can also mean a feeling of trust. It's like saying when your down or just not feeling like being depressed. Then when something happens or they have like an unusual incident and for some weird reason they feel they have hope and they actually don't believe it. I think hope comes from when you truly see something or someone who knows what you have been through like you and they know what you have been through and they been through the same and you see them succeed, you start to feel something. That something is hope and when you feel it you get a strong motivation. That strong motivation is like saying that if he can succeed with all been through and I went through the same thing, why can't I do it. This is you getting or feeling hope. Hope can also be a motivation as I just explained it right now. Hope can also be happiness because same with happiness It can either go and come and its like a cycle. Sometimes when you feel happiness it's like a blessing because most people around the world don't even get to sniff happiness because their poor or their always running away from war, so every day in their life is like a struggle. So that why it's a blessing but that blessing can be destroyed with one moment just like hope. So thats what mean it comes and goes just like happiness. what gives me hope is actually knowing that I'm following or going in the right path. Like if I'm going in the wrong I feel like I won't get any hope but not just following the right path but like if I stumble while I'm in the right path I want somebody to help me get up and continue to push me where I want to get thats what gives me hope to achieve anything I can set to mind to.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Social Justice

In the TedTalk, "The Urgency of Intersectionality," by Kimberlé Crenshaw she educates and tells her audience that what we are doing in the society is very wrong. As us people we intend to have favors or more like biased towards other people. Not just any people but more likely towards the three most common problem that we have today which is gender, race, and religion. She talks about that there has been police brutality against African-Americans in the past two and half years. She said that this was completely against social justice what the police action were. This is example of race bias. There is not a single word or news about a white man getting killed by police because it doesn't happen but it usually happens to black people. Now because of the reason we have a trend called BlackLivesMatter. Let's think because this was not Kimberlé main focus. Her main focus was that how this happens to black women but we never speak of it or we never hear news of it. This was she discussed the entire video it was about how none of us even know that these poor women get hurt just because of their race and if we don't know we can't do nothing about it. There has been way too many police violence against black women and we are just sitting on our butts and absolutely doing nothing about it. I think that it's important that it is important for us to value social justice because we have to use our minds and think about what are we doing wrong. obviously we are hurting people who have not done anything but think about it why are hurting them. I believe that police often abuse their power because they have power. we also should value social justice because we are all equality created. Isn't that what it says in our very own Constitution, a paper we wrote that started the US era. Also why do you think that more and more black people end up in jail it's because police provoke their rights and we do nothing about. This is what my brother told me, give people money and power and they will show who they really are. With no given rights they take their anger out on anybody and that's why they end up in jail. Some of the prevalent issues we have is that we are doing nothing about this. Not us or the government or the President is doing nothing about this. Again they said that we are all created equally right. Then why are just standing like dogs and doing nothing about it. Think about do you think we are causing that more and more black people are ending up in jail because a lot of families are losing members because of this wrong doing and when they see we are doing nothing about it. They are getting the wrong interpretation thinking that we don't care about them. So later in life they might think if we don't care about them then why should we and commit these hateful crimes because nobody is guiding them. So yeah this is an issue we need to fix. My reflection towards this or the concern is the problem that we are having that I just talked about. If we don't fix this issue we will not have a better world matter of fact our world will only get worse and I can guarantee that. So let's have social Justice and make this world a better place and help each other out.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


     In this mini story called "Birthmark", by Miranda July, show how a woman lost something that she didn't like and thought was worthless but later down the road cost her something more valuable because she felt she lost a part of her. She explains how she is not the same individual anymore. One of the reasons she felt this way was when she got her wine stain on her face removed someone told her that she lost her accent. She thinks that this is one many things that is different about her just because she lost her stain. I personally feel that she forgot one thing about her stain and that was the wine stain made her who she is. It made her unique in her own way. When she had it the first time she was always running away to look at somebody because she didn't want them seeing her having that stain. She didn't know that nobody minded her with that stain, they actually noticed that her stain was gone from her face. When she got it back, she started to feel like herself again because once it was back she felt really comfortable with finally having a child with her husband. The reason is that the women felt she lost all that love with her husband with the stain being gone and finally thought she can be a whole again and for her husband to love her once more with the stain back. The results of this story shows that happiness can have limitations and that we need to learn to love it all with limitation or not because if you don't find happiness around your limitations then you can't be yourself meaning that your life can't be complete because their would be something not complete in your life. This story theme shows that we can be happy even with our dislikes and limits because in today's world if women don't like something with their bodies or even men they always try to change it because they think it will be better for them. Some other people just commit suicide because they are not satisfied with their miscues. After they change it they automatically regret what they did to themselves because people will tell them they are not the same person anymore. So the theme of this story shows that we need to be happy with not only with ourselves but also with our flaws.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mandy Catron's TedTalk

In this 2015 Ted Talk video, A Better Way to Talk About Love," Mandy explains how we don't talk well about love. She explains how when we first get into an relationship we often say that we are falling in love but she explains as that it is not the correct English because falling is accidental and uncontrollable. She also describes the typical words that we use or tell other people when we fall in love like for examples we're struck, we are crushed, we swoon,  we burn with passion. Love makes us crazy, and it makes us sick. Our hearts ache, and then they break. Catron basically described these words as metaphors because we are using these words because that how we use it in English society today. What we really mean when we use this language is to her words experience of loving someone to extreme violence or illness. She also proposed to her as an experience because she talked about when she was 22 and she had a boyfriend that just broke up with her. She felt really crushed because that was her first love and she really enjoyed spending time with him. After he left she said that she felt crazy because she thought she knew how loved worked. The reason she though she knew is because she researched according to Wikipedia, here are eight films, 14 songs, two albums and one novel with the title "Crazy Love." After Mandy was done thinking her boyfriend came an half hour later, he came back to the room and they both made. That's her experience with her love life. She explained that her and her boyfriend had a blast after that quick incident. She ended her video by saying how we that we should decide how we should use our love and not just let it come to us.

My reflection towards this video is that when she said when we fall in love that we just blur out metaphorically words or sentences like by saying we are crushed and we swoon instead of using the real English language. I really disagree with her because with us human when we we fall in love basically its one of the most beautiful thing or event that happens in our life and its one event that changes physically and mentally in our lives, When we say those words we like too caught up in the moment because its something that drastically changes us. Also I disagree with her because she even said that she has said those words when she was with her boyfriend and after he left she felt crazy and crushed. When her boyfriend came back to her and they made up they had one of the best moments and times of both of their lives. They had those best times because think love is a very powerful emotion. For me I think that this video only teaches us to use the right language or not to be caught up in the moment but my opinoin is to enjoy every second because it can change you in ways that you won't think it would change you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gilbert's Ted Talk

     In his 2004 TED Talk video, "The Surprising Science of Happiness,"  Gilbert explains why humans are happy.  He used a evidence to back up his thesis on synthetic happiness. He has described how that humans have gotten smarter over periods of time. He also discusses that having the freedom to choose who are friends are makes us happy. He states that synthetic happiness comes from our psychological immune systemSynthetic happiness is a action that avails people come to a conclusion that the material things that we wanted but didn't get, weren't precisely going to make them blissful anyways. Impact bias is when us humans would have been in a better position then we are right now. Gilbert explained this idea by giving the crowd two photos to choose from and one group got the choice of swapping their picture where the other group couldn't. So the results were that a lot people changed their picture but the other group that couldn't swap enjoyed their pictures and they really became attached with it. He ended his soliloquy by saying any of us can achieve happiness if we really wanted only if we can control it.

What I personally learned from his video is good to know but it would be great if the whole wide world watched it. I mean it really teaches us a life lesson because he is telling us that we need to stop moping and complaing about happiness. Instead we should be finding it and learning how to put limits and restrictions on it. I agree when he talked about impact bias because this is a major role in human society today. We intend make decisions that doesn't put us in a better position then it would have. He said this and gave us an example with two photos and his data shows that he is correct. I certainly agree with what Gilbert said and explained in his video.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


What makes me happy is being around others that I love. For me being around people makes me very comfortable because I don't feel like I'm in danger. That's one way that makes me happy because to know that you are in a very safe environment and not in danger is just makes me or people comfortable. I am happy when I'm around others because I love. What I mean by loving them is that when I'm around like with my family or friends. If you hang out with your friends you their always next to helping you being beside you you almost do everything with them. For that I believe is what makes a person truly happy and comfortable. When you are happy with your friends like that then your friends becomes like a brother/sister to you which also makes you happy. Now family is not that much different from friends the only difference is that your family has been with us since we were alive and they taught us how to be happy and how to be with others. I also think what makes a person happy is that they are around nature and with animals. I think for animals is also another reason why a person is happy. For some animals you can have as a pet and people say that a pet dog is a man's best friend which meaning also being happy. When most people are around nature they feel relaxed because it has said to be when people are around a beautiful atmosphere they intend to relax and be comfortable. For me all of these are valid reasons why or what makes a person happy.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Best-Self Essay

In order for someone to become their best-self is that they need two things. These two things that a person needs is perseverence and determination. First lets get into the detail of perseverence. Some people show perseverance when they are at their best because to persevere is to do something physically or mentally difficult but they are trying to achieve something that's never been reached before or  try to reach even greater height. This is one thing people show when they do something great which is persevere. I also said that determination is the start for someone to use their perserverance to make them be at their best self. It also shows how a person wants to be. Down below shows you a picture of a man who is running in the snow you is using his determination and persevrance to run through the snow. For me I think that these are the two reasons how people for into their best self. For example in sports when athletes come into the league they are called rookies but for them to become their best self they develop by using determination and perservance to become or be at their best where in sports its called being their prime. In sports when people are in their prime they become unstoppable and they become hard to stop.